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Shop like it’s 2019.

Start the new year right with some retail therapy! You know what they say...New Year, New You. Time to start hacking your way through the sales and get a headstart on putting your best self forward.
Shop right, shop smart and shop like it’s 2019.





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Browse using incognito to
enjoy unbiased prices.
Clear your browsing history and cookies too! And don’t forget to turn on any relevant browser extensions, even in incognito mode! (i.e. RateX!)
Add to cart or wishlist early
and wait for price drops.
Easy way to get price updates.
This way you can check out immediately
and avoid missing out!
Get free promo codes
instantly with RateX
We automatically search and apply ALL available promo codes with just ONE click.
Stop searching, start saving.
Use Price Comparison tools
to get the best prices
Know that you are getting the best deal
with price comparison websites.
(i.e. iPrice, Pricepanda, PriceMe)
Use the right credit card to double dip and earn more.
Don’t lose out on earning miles, cashback
& rebates when shopping online!

Not sure which card is the best for online shopping? Check out our blog post here.
Take advantage of reward programs and stretch your dollar.
Merchants often reward bonus
points or rebates when shopping.
(i.e. Sephora, Shopee, Qoo10)

In addition, when you shop with RateX, you automatically earn cashback points too (We call them Clovers!) Double the rewards!

Upcoming Events

We have 6 main shopping events lined up for you this Shopathon!
Get the best deals, promo codes, money-saving tips & hacks when you shop this season!

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