Example: If I have 3000 Clovers, my name will be entered into Lucky and Bronze lucky draws.

How do I earn Clovers?

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Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for Shop-to-Win Lucky Draw, users must have the following:
- A mobile-verified RateX account
- Attained the relevant number of Clovers to qualify for the applicable Prize tiers.
Qualifying Criteria
To qualify for the Draw, users must accumulate points by carrying out the following activities:
1. Make a successful purchase with Clovers activated.
2. Refer a Friend successfully where
- Your friend has made a successful purchase with Clovers activated.
Winners & Prizes
- Winners will be announced on 21 January 2019 over Facebook and Email.
- Each of the Winners may receive more than 1 prize during the Shop-to-Win Lucky Draw but no more than 1 prize in each tier.
- Prizes are strictly non-redeemable for credit, non-transferrable, non-assignable and non-exchangeable and non-replaceable if lost, or stolen.
- RateX shall have the right to disqualify the winner without notice.
- If a Winner fails to claim his/her Prize within the stipulated redemption period, his/her Prize will be forfeited.

RateX reserves the right to amend and/or withdraw the terms and conditions without prior notice. For more information, please refer to our FAQ page here.

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