Meet the
Rate team.

We are the young, hustling team behind Rate – dedicated in bringing our users the best experience with our products!

The Rate Team

The Team

Jake Goh

Co-founder, CEO

Vernon Chong

Chief Operating Officer
10 a.m enforcer

Albert Ho

Chief Strategy Officer
Scrum officer

Benjamin Ong

Product & Strategy
Very tall

Lim Jing Rong

Co-founder, CTO (Product)

Davis Gay

Co-founder, CTO (Infrastructure)
Dabao officer

Wai Hon

Head of Blockchain Development
Blockchain wizard


Comms and Relations Lead
Human Google translator

Norman Au

Finance Lead
Snacking officer

Adarrel Ho

Design Lead
'Design thinking'

Eunice Er

Pee time!

Wu Di

Full Stack Engineer
"I can do everything"

Andre Khong

Software Engineer
Mookata Advocate

Lu Yu

Front-end Engineer
Look rain

Bernard Quek

Back-end Engineer
Bubble tea officer

Derian Tungka

Back-end Engineer
Buddy Tuesdays enforcer

Pei Sheng

Data Analyst
Web cast lecturer

Mag Huang

UIUX Designer
Anti-cleaning officer

Louis Tjong

Graphic Designer
Sticker designer


Design Engineer
Ex front-end engineer

Chang Li Ying

Community Manager
话语 Cool!

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The Rate Team is constantly looking out for good talents. If you enjoy the hustle and share our vision, join us today.